Schoonover Farm Fiber Goats
This is a page dedicated to the fiber producing goats at our farm in Skagit County, Washington.  We currently have a Nigora, Angora, and Cashmere goats.

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Brown Sugar Brown Sugar's fiber
This is Brown Sugar being petted.  He is our wether from our grey Angora doe Angie and our reddish-brown Nigerian Dwarf buck Cody.  Brownie produces gorgeous brown cashmere type fiber which is fairly long in it's length and soft as can be.
This is a photo of the fiber on Brown Sugar.
Angie's fleece
This is a fleece shorn of of Angie.  I usually shear her twice per year.
This is Angie, our Angora doe.  She has gorgeous long mohair fiber that is a very grey color.  She has been bred twice to our Nigerian buck and produced two black bucklings in addition to Brownie.
Shama's fleece
This is one of the fleeces shorn off of Shama.  I has the cashmere fiber and the guard hairs still in the fleece.  I shear him once per year.
This is Shama.  He is our black Cashmere wether.  He is strictly used as a fiber producer for dark cashmere fiber.
Mr. D
This is Mr. D, our most recent Nigora wether out of our Nigerian Dwarf buck Cody and our Angora doe Angie.  I am looking forward to using his golden cashmere-like fleece next spring!
This is our new soon-to-be wethered red Angora buck before being sheared.  He has a gorgeous red mohair fleece, although he is good at getting hay into it.